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Adams County Service Complex

rock climbing group

313 W Jefferson Street Decatur, IN 46733


    Basketball Basketball Court Bleachers
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American Legion Park

A large playground with a covered pavilion with picnic tables

Winchester Street Decatur, IN 46733


    Drinking Fountain Pavilion Picnic Tables
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Bellmont Pond

A quiet pond with a picnic table near the edge shaded by a tree

US Highway 224 Decatur, IN 46733

    Boat Ramp Picnic Tables Pond
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Decatur City Pool

pool staff

315 Maple St Decatur, IN 46733


    ADA Accessible Concession Stand Diving Board
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Eastbrook Park

A tan, plastic playground in the sand

Piqua Road Decatur, IN 46733

    Picnic Tables Playground


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